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Materialistic Mama was born three years ago. My kids were much smaller, my house was much larger, and the stuff I had was a lot (that hasn't changed much). I decided to start a blog to document a major decluttering/purge, to hold myself accountable. It soon evolved into an online consignment shop, which was fun, rewarding, and a lot of work. That part became too much work, and I ended up shuttering the consignment shop, but not Materialistic Mama. It still lives. It has been dormant, but it is slowly coming back to life.

I now have a much smaller house, with just as much stuff (or more, if that is even possible), so I thought now seemed like a good time to revitalize Materialistic Mama. I have so...much...stuff to get rid of! I KNOW mamas are always looking to get deals on stuff for their kiddos and for themselves. And so you came to the right place.

Everything will always be VERY reasonably priced, as my goal is to get rid of stuff primarily. I want this to be the place you think of first when you are looking to outfit your kids or yourself, or you need some household items. Check here often, follow the blog, follow me on Instagram or Facebook. Just follow me! This is going to be fun. :)

I call this Materialistic Mama v.3, and I think this will be its biggest and best yet. Third time's the charm, right?! I sure hope so. PLEASE take my stuff!

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