Tom, Tom, Tom, Tom, Tom's

Happy First Day of Fall! I always look forward to fall, but also am a little sad to say goodbye to the long, warm days of summer.

As I dropped off my kids at preschool this morning, I looked down at my trusty VANS surrounded by a lovely blanket of yellow leaves. These shoes have been a strong favorite for nearly 10 years! I wear them weekly, in every season, and they are holding up extremely well.

I went straight home to assess my current shoe collection. I think I don't have a lot of shoes, but after laying them all out, I have a fair amount, and only two rows are shoes that are really, truly my faves. The rest are ones I am holding onto, "just in case," or a few WERE my faves until I bought a new pair to replace them. Out of all of the shoes you see pictured, I have bought TWO pairs in the past 2 years, and both were purchased in the past two months. I went two whole years without buying a new pair of shoes, which, I think, is pretty dang good.

I try really hard to buy all of my and my kids' clothes second hand because I really see no point in buying brand new if I can buy gently used for a fraction of the cost! Shoes, are a different story. I really don't want shoes that someone else's feet have lived in. I do make exceptions for some shoes, but I would say, for the most part, my shoes have all been purchased new. My kids, on the other hand, different story. All of their shoes are second hand. They blow through them so quickly, it makes no sense to me to buy new!

Okay, back to my shoe stash. I seem to really like Tom's. Out of the 18 pairs of shoes in circulation, 9 pairs are Tom's. Half of my shoes are Tom's! I do love them. However, today, I am getting rid of three pairs. I just don't wear these anymore. The turquoise ones I have only worn a handful of times. The tan ones, I have worn more, but they are 1/2 size too small, and every time I wear them, my feet hurt. The black leather ones were a favorite for a long time, until I bought my Rothy's, and now the Tom's are neglected.

The second row from the top houses shoes that are on the, "watch list," I don't wear them often, and if I get to January and I haven't worn any of them, they are gone. Three pairs are sandals, so you ask, "Why not get rid of them now?" I have a trip to Mexico planned in December, so, I might try to get one more wear out of the sandals, but after that I can confidently say they will go. They were always too big, and I have had them for 3 seasons, and never have loved them. The other two wedges (there is a pair hiding behind the Hunter boots) are cute and I probably would wear them, but they haven't been favorites for a while (post-kids, I live in flip flops in the summer), especially since I bought the cute wedges on the first row (I know, I said I live in flip flops, but they are so cute, and they were on sale).

The shoes in the first row are my go-tos. Two pairs are new (black Rothy's and tan Tom's wedges). The other pairs are black booties that are WORN, the infamous VANS, and my leather flip flops I wear with EVERYTHING when the sun is shining. The second row houses some faves, too. My running shoes, Hunter boots, black Tom's suede booties (a fave in the cooler months), and, not really sure why my polka dot Tom's are there. Those actually should be on the watch list as I really don't wear them much. I think I wore them once this summer (see flip flops, worn with everything).

I have about 5 pairs of heels I didn't add to this pile because I just don't wear them. But, I am keeping them so my kids can Lady Gaga themselves up during dress-up time. That is very important.

Okay, honestly, do you think this is a lot of shoes? I mean, you should have seen my stash before. And, I think my husband has more shoes than I do! I am hoping the top row is gone this week, and I have a feeling the second row will be gone in January, so that leaves me with 10 pairs of shoes (maybe 9, if polka dots go).

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