Pay it Forward

You have heard me speak MANY times about how great my local Facebook moms group is. I mean, I think it might be the best one out there. Yes, I may be bias, but I belong to a few others, and none of them have the vibe this one has. It is legit. My kids are basically outfitted by other moms (well, their kids, actually) in the group. #westseattlemoms for the win!

Two days ago, a mama posted she was gifting THREE bags full of kids arts and crafts supplies. Obviously, there were a lot of moms interested, myself included, so she drew a name randomly, and I won! I never win. Maybe I should go buy a lottery ticket? Anyway, I picked up the bags, and panicked a bit. There were three VERY full bags.

How was I going to decide what to keep? I made a vow to only pick out a few items, and pass along the rest to the other interested mamas. Old me wouldn't have been able to do it, but new me did a great job! I went through the bags with my realistic hat on, and with my mind on the fact our craft area is already pretty packed, and pulled out only what I think my kids would actually use and appreciate. That Paw Patrol pouch is GOLD!

Just in time for the weekend!

I am in the process of going through our craft drawers, pulling out what we don't use anymore, and adding it to the bags to pass onto the next mama/kid. I love paying it forward just as much as I love clearing my space of items we don't use anymore. Bags of crafts will be posted in the marketplace ready to be picked up today!

Next up? Organizing the art drawers. They are a mess!

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