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Updated: Oct 19, 2019

I have been practicing yoga pretty regularly (except for a couple of births and recovery) since 2010. My practice was mostly Bikram as I thought Vinyasa was boring (AKA hard). That changed about a year ago. Bikram seemed hard to me and I wanted something a little less intense. So, when my son was 18 months, I started my Vinyasa practice, and I absolutely love it. I have gained back a lot of my strength, and it is fun to see the progression of postures.

I was out sick for about a week, and when I went back to yoga this week, I was planning on taking it easy. I had one of my best classes yet, and nailed two poses! One of them, I have been trying for a while (well, I wouldn't say trying, I would get into position and back off because it seemed out of reach), and the other I tried for the first time: side cobra, and baby grasshopper. I totally nailed side crow (here is a great photo) on one side (the other side still needs work), and my first attempt at baby grasshopper (here is a good explanation), I was able to do on both sides! I was pretty proud of myself. Still am, actually. And, I am so sore. Good sore. It made me excited to go back and practice some more!

I have a large drawer filled with yoga, running, and athleisure wear, and I definitely have my favorites. Don't we all? I recently purchased a few items online that I just haven't worn. Some even still have tags on. I am too lazy to return, so I posted all of the items for sale in my local Mom's Buy/Sell/Trade group, and 90% of the items have already sold! I definitely priced to sell, but my priority is getting them out of my space, so knowing that other mamas are getting great deals on new to them items is more important than trying to sell them for top dollar and them not selling.

The items circled are still available, so please let me know if you are interested in the following items:

alo cropped size small NWOT $15

Champion running shorts size medium worn once $4

Handful sports bra w/ removable cups size XS NWOT $10

Let me know if you are interested in any of these items! Or maybe you know someone who is?

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