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Updated: Aug 27, 2019

All of this (plus a sweatshirt) for $41!

My 4 year old is growing faster than I can outfit her! She turned 4 the end of May, and around that time, I cleared her drawers and closets off all size 4 and replaced everything with size 5. It is now almost September, and those new size 5's are now too small! She has already sized up to size 6. Good thing I don't buy brand new clothes for my kids. What a huge waste of money that is. I learned this the hard way.

When I was a new mom, I wanted all the cute things for my first-born. Second-hand, hand-me-downs and used were not words I wanted for my new baby! She needed brand new, brand-name clothes, blankets, sheets, toys, books, everything. And, she grew so fast, so I was constantly buying, buying, buying. I didn’t think anything of it at the time, and continued on this path. When her brother was born, I began to accept some hand-me-downs from his cousins, but still bought most of his clothes new.

This all changed when my daughter turned 3 and became MUCH more active. Her clothes didn’t last very long: stains and holes were the norm, and I realized how ridiculous it was to buy brand-new brand name clothes for my kids. I started Materialistic Mama, the consignment shop, to help other moms find high quality items for much less than retail. Although Materialistic Mama is no longer a consignment shop, the concept is still the same. My mission is to help moms find deals without having to sacrifice quality or style. I would call myself a recovering #materialisticmama as I now am definitely more in the #thriftymama camp. :)

Just yesterday, I bought her 9 new items: dresses, shirts, and pants, for a total of $41 (and a pair of boots she needs to try on for size)!

I was easily spending that much on an entire outfit for her when she was younger. Eek! Most of her items, and my son's, too, come from a local mama who sells a lot of clothes her own kids have grown out of, but mostly other kids clothes whose mamas are too busy to sell them on their own. She is wonderful, and the clothes are high quality and priced very well. WAAAAY better than retail, and even better than a lot of the consignment shops. And, I feel so much less guilt buying my kids' clothes. And they could care less they are #previouslyloved. They are new to them, and that is all that matters.

I hope all of the clothes and items MY kids have grown out of will find new loving homes the same way they come to us. It really is hard to let go of some of their things, but knowing they are staying in the community makes me feel okay with it. :)

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