Mobile Art Cart

We don't have a play room (yet), so there is no dedicated kids place, which means our living/dining room doubles as the kids' playroom. Their, "art drawers," were in a cheap plastic container tucked under the dining table, and I firmly believe the contents of the drawers were ignored because they were out of sight.

So, when I was gifted some art supplies, in order to make room for them, I had to go through the existing art supplies. There were a lot that that were never used, that they had outgrown, and that were garbage. I ripped through those drawers, sorted, trashed, and the remaining items were placed on this mobile cart!

Everything is now out in plain sight and easy to access.

Top rack has coloring books, crayons, markers, and scissors

Middle rack has stamps, stickers and misc supplies

The lower rack has activity books. When the kids saw this cart, although there are only 5 or 6 NEW items on here, everything seemed new to them! They played with this for hours before bed.

When they woke up this morning, their Saturday morning cartoons were cut short because they wanted to do arts and crafts instead! I tucked the cart in the corner next to their table to encourage play, and it worked! :)

And, this morning, she grabbed some coloring books, sat at the table, and colored!

They also have been cleaning up themselves because it is easier. The drawers on the old art storage were challenging to open.

So far, this transformation has been a success! And I love the feeling of getting rid of things we no longer use, making way for less clutter, and less stress.

And the best part? This all cost $0 and used items I already had at home:

**Ikea cart was previously used in my sons' room for diapers, wipes, etc.

**Black and white pouches were previously used in my sons' room for diaper creme, etc.

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