Forced Rest

My kids call me a superhero. Today is not one of those days.

My to-do list is long, the house is a mess, there is so much clutter, I am hungry, it is a beautiful day, our neighborhood Oktoberfest celebration is today, yet here i sit, in bed, in my pajamas, forcing myself to rest.

There have been 21 weeks since the beginning of May, and I have been sick for 10 of those weeks. I keep getting back into a running and yoga routine, just to get knocked down again by a nasty bug. I used to never get sick. Ever. I had a rock solid immune system. And then, kids, more responsibility, and stress that I am having a difficult time managing, clearly, inundated my life.

My doctor wrote me a note this week to share with everyone in my life. It basically reads, "Julie needs to rest, or she will continue to get sick. Please allow this to happen."

So today, I slept in and forced myself to stay in bed after I had woken up. I listened to the kids, so used to being in control of the morning routine, and I forced myself to let them be.

My visions of weekends include pancake breakfasts, loud children running around, a tidy, organized house, lots of laughter, and fun adventures.

My weekend this morning consisted of a messy and disorganized house I cannot tackle because I need to rest. No breakfast for me because I need to rest. No fun adventures for me because I am in bed. BUUUUUUUUUT, the kids let me sleep and I didn't hear any major fights.

So, here I sit in bed, thinking about ALLLLLL the things I need to be doing, knowing I won't be able to do them unless I just rest.

So, I rest.

And Snapchat.

What I wished I looked like today.

What I actually look like

Wishing I looked like glitter and roses, but I actually feel icy cold. Hoping this day of rest changes that!

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