Does it Spark Joy?

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

Since I didn't use my kid-free time to plan a garage sale, I am clearing out my space the OG way, or the way I did when Materialistic Mama was born 18 months ago: bit by bit via this blog and social media.

Over the past couple of months, I have been adding items that no longer spark joy to several bins. This bin is full of items that will be the first to go.

It is mostly women's clothes, sizes S-M. Everything will be priced to sell, as I have every intention of ridding myself of everything, so I will ensure not to overprice.

I will attempt to take photos, which display each item to the best of their ability, and will include a thorough description as well.

More info and rules:

<Items for sale & giveaway will be posted on Instagram, Facebook, and on several local West Seattle Facebook Moms Groups.

<Whoever claims it first, gets it

<Item must be picked up, no delivery

<Will hold for two days without prior payment

<Will hold for longer with prior payment (venmo, paypal, cash app)

<No shipping to out of state/out of area buyers at this time

<No negotiation of price for newly posted items

Please feel free to reach out via social media or by email with any additional questions.

Have fun!

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