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Updated: Oct 23, 2019

On a mission to declutter

A little over 18 months ago, fed up with how much, "stuff," we had, I decided to begin an entire house mega purge. I went from room to room, tidying up, and getting rid of everything that no longer sparked me joy. I started a blog to hold me accountable.

I Wanted to Do More

My mission was so successful, I decided to help other moms.

After I cleared my own space, I decided to help other moms by opening a local consignment shop. I sold items for other mamas so they could simplify their lives and spaces.

I Loved Helping Other Mamas

I became very busy picking up other mama's gently used brand-name items and selling them. But, between a full-time job, parenting two toddlers, and running a new business, I became spread too thin and had to shut down the consignment side of things.

But I Didn't Completely Go Away

How we started is where the passion lies.

What sparked the idea of Materialistic Mama over a year ago is where I want to continue. It is time to clear out more stuff!

One Mama's Old is Another Mama's New

This blog and Insta will be the place where I will document my mega purge, vol. 2. I have an entire room dedicated to maternity wear/items, kids wear/items from newborn to size 4, boys, girls, and gender neutral, women's brand name clothes (size S-L) and accessories, and household items that must go. Everything will be in good to excellent condition, and everything will be priced to sell. My goal is to get rid of everything, while making a bit of money along the way.

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