A New Season

We have had an absolutely perfect summer in Seattle. Last year, we were slammed with intense heat, and wildfires ensued, so there was smoke. Lots and lots of smoke. This year the temperature has been much more pleasant, and no wildfires so no smoke. YES! Although we are having an awesome summer, it is time to think of fall, and fall clothes. Which, I must say, I will not complain about. I LOVE jeans, booties, sweaters. Oh, boy, now I am excited!

I wrote about here how my daughter is growing so fast I can hardly keep up with her closet. Well, my little dude is growing, too. At only 2 1/2, he is wearing mostly size 3, but I have noticed some of his pants hems are short, and I will only buy size 4 jammies now. So, when another awesome Facebook mama was selling some size 3 and 4 goodies, I jumped on it!

I just picked up a bag full of fall threads for my little man. All of these items were only $41 (coincidence that Sloane's bag was $41, too!), and there were some high end items in here such as Mini Boden and Janie and Jack (those plaid PJ's)! :-) I feel like I really scored!

If I can teach new mamas one thing, and one thing only it is this...


What? You thought I was going to say, "Sleep when the baby sleeps," or, "Fed is best," or, "Don't worry, it's okay to not like your partner once baby comes, you will like them again...someday."

Yes, all of that is good, too, but seriously, your babe grows so fast, there is no need to buy new. And, there are so many good sources to find high quality, brand-name, second-hand items that look brand new. Facebook mom groups are only the start!

This blog is also a good place. You should follow it :)

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