Once upon a time there was a new mom who was drowning in stuff: mama stuff, baby stuff, house stuff, stuff stuff. She was tired of spending money on new stuff only to use it for a short amount of time (hello, babies grow fast) or get bored with it (hello, mama loses interest fast). So, one day, she said to her self, "Self, you need to get rid of all of this stuff because you need new stuff for your quickly growing kids." So, she went to town, organizing her house and pulling out the stuff that she didn't use anymore. She started a blog, documenting her journey, and posted all of the stuff she was getting rid of on her blog. Fellow mamas bought this stuff from her, and she felt so good, not only getting rid of stuff, but also helping out other mamas by selling her good-quality stuff for ridiculously low prices. This was definitely a win-win. Materialistic Mama is not only a blog, where this mama shares her decluttering and single parenting journey, but also a shop, where she posts, for sale, and sometimes for free, all of the things she no longer uses. This mama loves her full time gig as a real estate broker (ask her about it, she won't stop talking about how much she loves what she does), but she also loves to write, so she decided to start a blog to document her badass decluttering and organizational skills (did we mention she is also extremely sarcastic?), and connect with other like-minded mamas. She has a LOT of stuff. Please help her get rid of it! Thank you, and...


A few words from Julie about the shop:

Hi! Thank you so much for being here. Everything posted here comes from my own household: it was either used/worn by me or my kids (or never used/worn because someone grew too fast or decided they didn't like it after it was purchased...GUILTY). I only post items in decent to excellent quality that I feel still have plenty of life left. If something is a good brand, but has holes or stains, I will post it for free as I know these are popular brands. I will post new items almost daily, so please make sure you follow the blog, on IG and Facebook to stay updated. Please be able to pick up from me in my house in Burien, WA. If you live in the Burien/West Seattle area, I might be able to drop off to you. Please reach out to ask! Happy shopping. I CAN ship if you are out of state, but charge a $10 flat rate for clothes/smaller items. We can discuss other shipping options, if you need. Please feel free to reach out!

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Julie G.

Blogger, Real Estate Broker, Procurer of too much stuff

Hello, I'm Julie, a PNW mama who loves her two kids, running, yoga, skiing, stand-up paddle boarding, hiking, rock climbing, gardening, eating, cooking, beaches, mountains, fashion, real estate (especially 1920's Spanish and mid century architecture), home design and remodeling, and bubbly water. I also am a music junkie (KEXP!), water lover, pescatarian, minimalist wanna be, dreamer and question asker. Please reach out if you want to know more! I would really love to get to know you.  

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